Monday, February 20, 2012

gauges, templates and accesories..

more stuff from this weekend..

got the gauge cluster finished: 

 CF making a template to separate the trunk and drivers cabin

traced to plate  

mocking up the turbo exhaust piping

finished the accessory drive using the factory PS pump and a turn buckle.

got a radiator hose

   and some randoms 

and a rendition of my 2012 season graphics


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big thanks to Sgear gauges!!!

I just wanted to post up in appreciation of my latest sponsorship by Sgear gauges! you can check out their site  by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

a long awaited update...

Ok, So I've been slacking on updating this thing for a little while now, mainly because I've been so busy actually working on the race car.

Last time I posted, the car was still grey and ran on a little KA-T motor... well, that was fine for local events/competitions, and could have possibly allowed me to compete in the pro-ams as well. However, with the recent flood of 450hp LS1s in the pro-am world, I didn't like my odds. With that being said, I decided to scout out a suitable replacement for my reliable little hamster wheel..

Some time went by, and I found this for sale:

A 5.0L v8 that a friend was installing in an rx-7 with a full turbo kit and accessories. (this is just to get you guys goin)

Since so much time has passed since my last update, I'm gonna let my pictures do the talking for me..

So i did a bunch of this:

Then I ended up painting the car and deleting the sunroof:

Then sold the 2.4L turbo motor:

And started the turbo V8 install: