The car

Just to get things started, here is a picture of my current race car^...

Under the hood you'll find a (yes) stock bottom 5.0L mustang GT motor pushing about 10psi. To compensate for the boost, i have installed a set of 550cc injectors, an 05 GT mass air flow sensor and a Diablosport custom tuned ECU among other small modifications. The power is put to the trans by a stage 3 clutch. This set-up is very basic, however it makes for a good 420rwhp/500ftlb of torque and is more than enough for a Pro-am level drift car.

As for the suspension, the four corners are stiffened and lowered on Tein coilovers (looking to upgrade at the moment). The control arms, toe rods and traction rods have all been upgraded with Isis adjustable arms with spherical ends.
For a better steering angle I have added inner tie-rod spacers and have removed the steering stops. This is a temporary set-up as I am trying to find time to get down to Ter-tech ( to have them modify my steering knuckles and box in my front lower control arms. This should be a much sturdier set-up to get more steering angle and eliminate/reduce ackerman angle at full-lock..

The rear end is pretty simple and effective. What we've done is simply welded the spider gears of an open differential together. This allows both rear axles to spin at the same speed without any give in the differential. This has been the best differential for me so far.

I just added this rear brake assembly to help with the "e-braking" problem I was having at the Honda Grand Prix demo a couple weeks back. The assembly consists of Hawk pads courtesy of Dan @ assaultech (, brembo rotors, 300zx rear calipers, steel braided brake lines and a Girling hydraulic handbrake supplied by (pics coming soon)

Ter-tech has been pretty good to me recently. Harri @ Ter-tech just set me up with this 10 point roll cage and installed it for me in just a couple of days. Expert craftsmanship and great attitude from these guys! and yes, I'm aware that I need a new seat, lol.