Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting ready for getting rad

Yeah yeah, I know, I haven't really been updating this thing with new info...

Well, here's something for you. My plan this year was to run every event at Palm Beach International Raceway (which I have so far), drive Formula D Pro-am and XDC @ CFRC. Unfortunately however, with new rules and regulations on safety equipment, I was unable to get ready in time for either competition. So being all bummed about that, I was looking for other local competitions to drive and that's when I came across "Tandemonium".

Tandemonium is going to be the day after Formula D's Invasion at PBIR and will take place at Countyline drift track in Miami FL. on June 5th. This will be a one day, 3 car team tandem competition of awesome ran by Tim of JC performance and . Basically, you put together a team of 3 drivers and the judges determine which team drove best together as a whole.

So I started looking for a team capable of complete destruction while simultaneously meeting the judges entertainment expectations. My 1st choice was pretty obvious. My long time friend and fellow s14 drifter Bill Stenger (a.k.a. BillFisher) just recently finished his LSX swap and I had the honor of driving tandem with him at the last PBIR event. I definitely feel comfortable as well as confident having such a great local driver on my team.

Up until last night, I was unsure about who I wanted our 3rd team member to be. I ended up swinging by Harri Tervola of Ter-tech's shop last night on my way home from work and Sean Love (past NOPI professional drifter) happened to be there hanging out. The thought was immediate and clear... this was my 3rd teammate. I asked him and he gladly accepted.

So I contacted Tim from countyline and had him add us to the list as Team Deathwish... shit is gonna go down.

Now I just gotta get ready...

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