Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great success!!

So after a long weekend of watching drift racing at PBIRs Formula D Invasion, we got up early Sunday morning for some drift racing of our own. Luckily Bill still had tires left over after the SWD Pro-Am competition so he agreed to come with and be on my tandem team. I didn't have the same luck with Sean Love though unfortunately. Saturday night after FD, he went home and tried to button up the last bit on his car before the next event, but there was just too much to get done and came to a realization around 5a.m. that he wasn't going to be able to make it out.

We (bill and I) made it out to the track around 11:30, got our cars ready and went out for practice. As the announcers called us out one at a time, I decided to give the spectators a little show, opened my drivers door and started doing donuts around the announcers.. Once all the drivers made it over to the starting grid, we were ready for complete carnage.

Within the 1st couple of runs, I learned that my car was not set up for this type of track. The asphalt was slippery and it was really tough to get any traction. I was running on 225s at the beginning of the day and trying to keep up with Bill (running 265s) proved to be a task. I shot back into the paddock for a tire swap and went with a pair of 245s that I had brought with me. The upgrade in tire size helped, but because there were no other drivers practicing at the time, i kept running back to back to try and gain an advantage over other drivers without so much seat time.

After about my 3rd or 4th hot lap, exiting the last turn, my tires were out of rubber and I lost grip and spun. I reached over to start it back up and noticed that my temperature gauge was pegged hot.. I pushed the car off track as more drivers were coming out for practice, let it cool down, topped off the coolant and tried to start it back up... the battery was dead from letting the cooling fans run. We got the car back to the pits, jump started the car and it ran fine. I checked all the fluids and changed the tires just in time for the competition to start.

As everyone was setting up teams, I guess my friend and fellow driver Bert Abalos in his turbo f20c powered toyota corolla was left without a team, so we offered for him to join us. The competition was fun, we drove our cars into the ground and ended up taking 1st place!!!

P.S.. Ahmed was there and his car was cool.


  1. Haha No disrespect to Sean since he is like a brother to me but this sounds like what happens right before any event. He forgets his car needs like a lot of stuff to get it going and leaves everything to the last minute.

    and +1 to countyline having Slick ass concrete.

  2. haha, dude, i know, i'm just trying to make him sound more professional than he is, haha

  3. I really wish I could have made it to the events that weekend. Congrats on the victory dude. Good Times!